Years ago three dynamic young women, while working in some of Montreal’s finest restaurants, came together and bonded through friendship and a common passion: the art of European living.

Sharing and believing in this bond,  these young women decided to join forces and launch their dream project together: to bring together and integrate the art of European living with the Quebecoise style and way of life. Consequently, they created their own line of home linens: tablecloths, table runners, napkins and pillows. And voila!  3 Femmes & 1 Coussin was launched, the name deriving from a friendly catchphrase based on the French movie “3 Hommes et un Couffin (3 Men and a Baby)

These young women having come a long way continue to grow by creating and offering their own personalized tableware collections, glassware and linens.

Their project becomes a reality in 2001, fulfilling their passion and dream!  Restaurant owners are the first to show a keen interest in their products and are among their first clients. As time goes by and their clientele increases the trio decides to narrow down their specialty and perfect another vision, “Table art”

This specialty is such a natural flow for them, combining all their artistic talents and knowledge. Their experience in the restaurant industry allows them to discern the exact needs of the client and to propose original and innovative ways to use and display tableware.

Their timing is perfect all the more so because the early 2000 brings about an expansion of the gastronomic culture in Quebec. Home clients, not just restaurateurs, want to move away from the boring and ordinary and to equip their homes with beautifully styled and placed tableware accompanied by matching glassware and linens. To meet all these growing needs the 3 women decide to open their boutique in the fall of 2004 to meet the needs of their clientele.

Today, in 2019, nineteen years have passed since the beginning. The team has been modified and grown over the years as well as their services. They now offer exclusively in Canada the porcelain line Vista Alegre as well as other indispensable products for your table.

Today 3 Femmes & 1 Coussin is a synonymous reference to the art of table setting and is a force that cannot be overlooked.